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How does a Side Channel Blower work?

Charles Austen side channel blowers or regenerative blowers as they are sometimes known are an ultra reliable way to generate positive or negative pressure.

Impeller(s) are mounted directly on to the specially extended motor shaft which allows for non-contact operation. Charles Austen employs high quality 160°C+ bearings located outside of the compression chamber, ensuring maximum reliability, even at higher pressure differentials.

Machines have optimised housing and impeller design to ensure highest performance. They typically have two ports - one inlet and one outlet connection.

Air/gas is drawn in through the inlet where kinetic energy from the rotating impeller(s) is transferred to the pumping medium and converted into pressure. Every rotation adds kinetic energy resulting in an increase of pressure along the side channel.

Machines are available with single-stage, double-stage and even triple-stage configuration. In essence the more stages of compression the higher the maximum differential rating is on the machine.

Should you require any assistance with these machines please contact our experienced technical team, we'll do our best to help.

Tel: 01932 355277

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