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Established in the 1950's Charles Austen Pumps continuously delivers products that are at the forefront of performance and reliability. Our industrial range of side channel blowers and vacuum pumps are ideal for both end users and OEMs in a variety of applications.


Complementing our ET linear diaphragm technology our SCB Series offers outstanding reliability and are an ideal choice for many industries including Wastewater, Medical, Woodworking and Plastics. Applications include pneumatic conveying, vacuum holding and aeration.

We stock a huge selection of machines, single phase and three phase IE1/IE2/IE3 at our UK head office in Byfleet. So if you have an unexpected breakdown we will almost certainly be able to help. We offer a comprehensive warranty, backed up by our direct service support. 

Please browse through our range using the menu above, and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Great Value


Full Technical Support


Outstanding Reliability


UK Stock

Side Channel Blower SCB2
Side Channel Blower SCB4
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