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Below are some of the common questions we get asked, along with some helpful advise we've learned over the years.

Q) What medium can these pumps/blowers handle?

A) Dry filtered air.

Q) What life expectancy should I expect?

A) It's common to see our machines running happily after 10+ years. Depending on application and environment we might suggest replacing bearings during this period.

Q) Are these blowers referred to as something else?

A) Yes most commonly referred to as side channel blowers, but also know as regenerative blowers, vac blowers, fan blowers.

Q) What is the maximum rated ambient temperature?

A) The default answer is 40degC, but depending on the duty this can vary, it may be possible to increase to 45degC or even 50degC. This is a special case so please discuss your requirements with us.

Q) Can I mount the pump/blower vertically?

A) Yes on most units this is possible. There are pre-tapped threads on the front housing that allow for rubber AV mounts to be screwed in. We can either supply or guide you on the correct size to use.

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