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10 Advantages of Charles Austen Side Channel Blowers

With their ability to create pressure differentials up to 1bar(g) / 14.5psi our machines are ideal for so many pressure or vacuum applications. Impeller(s) are mounted directly on the extended motor shaft which allows for non-contact friction-free compression.

01) Easy installation

02) Minimal maintenance

03) Low noise level

04) Dynamically stable - no vibration

05) High pressure/flow

06) Pulsation free

07) Outstanding reliability

08) Oil-free non contact operation

09) Long bearing life

10) Continuous duty

It should also be noted that we supply our machines as a package including premium Solberg inlet filter, factory set metal-body pressure relief valve, hosetail and fittings - as picture shows. This guarantees easy installation and maximum reliability!

Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tel: 01932 355277

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